Architects, LLC.

Originally formed as an internal design staff within the Geis Companies, GLSD Architects is now a full service architectural, engineering, and interiors firm. Believing in a practical approach to architecture that involves in-depth collaboration with clients, we strive to create functional spaces that showcase a client’s image.

We understand that our design can greatly increase a company’s overall productivity and success by creating an efficient layout, appropriate budget, and a sense of pride. Because we are construction based, we work differently than other fi rms; we routinely work hand in hand with the other Geis teams to deliver what was promised, on time, and in budget, balanced by our expertise in understanding a client’s space and functional needs.

We create unique environments, beginning with space planning and spatial formation all the way through selection of engineering systems, finishes, and furnishings. Our experienced, versatile staff includes architects, engineers, interior designers, and LEED certified professionals.

GLSD, Architects, LLC.