Project Description

Bendix Commerical Vehicle Systems

– Avon, Ohio

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems North American Headquarters is 192,000 square feet of Class ‘A’ offices, showroom, and state-of-the-art mechanical and electronics research and development laboratory and testing facilities. With a primary structural system composed of moment framed perimeter steel, value engineering incorporated load bearing, insulating precast concrete panels for durability in the dock and lab exterior walls. The white, fully adhered TPO roof over continuous R-25 rigid insulation contributes to heat island reduction and energy retention in the LEED Certified project. The continuous glass ribbon and curtain wall systems coupled with large skylight zones contribute to occupant well-being by introducing natural light deep into the interior of the building, while the architecturally exposed structural steel expands the total experience by maximizing volume and adding visual interest. Four electrical substations power the lab equipment, building mechanical systems, and lab process power including 300 tons of chilled water capacity – maintaining efficiency through the incorporation of energy recovery systems and high performing envelope design. The sixty acre property further contributes to occupant well-being with the inclusion of over a mile of walking trails carefully wound around preserved wetlands and over natural waterways via picturesque, low impact design wooden pedestrian bridges.

Project Details


Chester Road
Avon, Ohio 44011


218,000 SF

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