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It began in 1967, when Erwin Geis launched a small construction business in Macedonia, Ohio. With a compelling combination of innovation and work ethic, the company found immediate success — an upward trajectory that continued when son’s Fred and Greg joined Geis Companies.

Concrete Wall

"I'm Going To Die With My Dirty Boots On" - Erwin Geis

Erwin Geis 1933 - 2002


Today, the company continues to grow into a major force, focusing on exceptional execution of complicated projects. Our company has become a multi-million dollar development and construction business, with more than 150 skilled professional staff.

With an eye toward strategic growth, Greg identified a potential partner with Jeffrey Martin, Chief Operating Officer, over 20 years ago. A well established Engineer by trade who happened to have a remarkable instinct for construction, Jeff has earned significant recognition for development and construction work over his years in business.

Our vision is to be the best total service company which provides the Full-Cycle Approach to assure our clients’ success in “building” their future.

Meet some of The Team

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